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Below is a collection of interviews and articles that I have done for other bloggers and publications.  Inside you'll find information about my story and all sorts of answers to questions about my process in addition to my blog posts!  Be on the lookout for more coming soon!
Interview 1 : Tiny Home Builders - September 2019
Interview 2: Riexploring Blog Article by Alternative House- February 2020
Interview 3: Tiny House Talk Blog Article - September 7th, 2020
Tiny House Magazine Article: Issue 86 - March 2020
Erika Guli Cover.png
Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast with Ethan Waldman: The Sun Chaser - DIY Tiny Living 
Interview en Français: Article by French bloggers Agaric and Bénédicte Perdereau, January 9th, 2021
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